Thoughts on the #Kimye experience

Kanye West started his entertainment career under the Jay-z brand. After maneuvering from producer, engineer, and beat maker to a feature artist with
successful solo projects; Kanye has still not moved far from Jay-z’s shadow. This “kimye” fiasco is an emulation of Jay-z’s relationship with Beyonce and the birth of their recent daughter. Kanye could have and should have built a foundation with someone else, but kiss your career goodbye.
   It is undeniable that Kim Kardashian,currently, is by the most famous female in the entertainment industry, yet quite undeserving. I will not undermine her hard work to maintain her success, nevertheless, Kim will never be Beyonce. For Kanye though, youre stuck unless you want to end up like Nas. Alimony and child support will leech you dry, and we all know Kim’s a pro at divorcing and has litigation in her blood.


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