How do you fight ignorance…

How do you fight ignorance when there is justification for it?

“YOLO” or You Only Live Once is an acryonym affecting adoloscents and young adults in an  epidemic- like fashion.  This  stems from Drake’s, “The Motto” single. The “YOLO” mentality implies to do what  you want, say what you feel, live how you want and to disregard the known and unknown consequences. The peace of mind that YOLO provides to its devout follower, increases ignorance and inhibits our learning experiences in life. Our parents did not offer advice and try to steer in us right directions just because; they learned from mistakes and internalized wisdom and bestowed it upon us.

The only time “Yolo” does not have a negative connotation is when someone has an aspiration or goal in mind and inputs a lot of effort and  heart into it; “YOLO” is then a motivational ideal. To only live once means to only have so many chances at your time and accomlishing it. After achieving a goal of course, you celebrate in a yolo manner.

“Yolo” is not as simple as our peers would have us believe; getting into an accident with your parent’s car and not  giving  a damn if insurance rates go up should not be . Yolo has consequences and should never be seen as an alternative to being responsible human being.

A good parody on the Yolo ideal is Dom Mazetti’s YOLO video.


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