is a monster in its own right, but to draw comparisons to Googe is absurd. Sure, their advertisement revenue is on par with Google and they now own instagram, but the most innovative company of our time is out of their league. Google owns ebay and youtube; two services which probably emcompass 100,000 servers of Google’s 600,000 plus servers.

Facebook comes into their IPO with a big valuation speculation and wall street estimating shares will peak at about $40-41, but maybe even drop after news of General Motors defective advertising campaign with Facebook. Social- plug ins seem to be more effective for other interactive website t grow their businesses, but the computer screen newspaper ads are not selling anything for tangible products. Not to mention, it has only been four years since the financial criris and 3 1/2- 3 for the bailout of American Auto companes, it was an expense they could without.

Instagram, however, is a popular service that is effective advertising as well. The deadly combination of twitter and instagram is one of the most effective lead- based marketing methods. E-flyers go to people who directly follow you or whatever news you may be able to portray. I offer no investing methods as a I am still a student of the way, but I have a inkling it will be devalued after exposure of an  amateur business plan.  


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