Ricky Rubio versus Jeremy Lin, who will W(L)in?

Although my article’s title is buying into the gimmicky hype that is following New York’s up and coming point guard, the “rotten apple” curse, the New York version of Boston’s Bambino curse,has involved nothing but bad management decisions. Obviously the first decision not made becomes the one that helps out the team the most. Jeremy Lin, a first generation Taiwanese Harvard graduate is showing that court vision and awareness is still as important as scoring prowess and athletic ability. He may have had a 38 point game with a better scoring percentage than Kobe Bryant in yesterday’s win, but only consistency and will puts you up there with the elite scorers; however he is a great asset to D’Antoni’s offense.

Jeremy Lin is here to stay everyone; fifth straight win actually gives them the same record as the Timberwolves (13-15) and keeps them in the atlantic conference chase for a playoff slot. After the Timberwolves game, New York will get a much needed rest until Tuesday, Valentines Day. Five games in a week for a young team with no leader has been a success for Coach D’Antoni, who shouldn’t worry about his job for a little while.

It is only a matter of time , until the brand of Viking basketball returns to MSG. Politics will definitely come into play soon, but to what extent? Will management make Lin fit or give him into Melo’s one-on-one play? What the Knicks need is a floor general and Lin is exuding these qualities and how can D’Antoni not want to play him? It probably reminds the Italian coach  of his own blazing trail of fire that he would refer to as his career. Minorities in the NBA becoming the go-to players.


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