Photos of Todays 49ers vs. Saints game(01/14/2012)

In what started as a one- sided contest quickly became a back and forth chess match for the 49ers and Saints. The 49ers became the game with suffocating defense, which caused touchdown drives from turnovers( two in the first quarter). it quickly began an uphill battle for Drew Brees and the Saints; Brees, on of the top five QBs in the NFL was able to scrounge up enough offense, yards and attempts to score 32 points and take the lead with a 1:41 seconds left in the 4th quarter. This valiant effort proved futile as the unstoppable Vernon Davis trampled over the Saints defense all game.

   After scoring the last touchdown and leaving thirty seconds on the clock for The New Orleans Saints, David shares tears for triumphing and hugs his coach.

Surely a great moment for the 49ers team as they closed their great season,stepped up strongly and continue to pursue the golden grail.

We also witnessed many emphatic dunks on the goalpost after scoring drives. Maybe after possibly winning the Super Bowl, the 49ers’ receivers should change athletic professions. On the other hand, New Orleans will have thousands of somber attitudes until Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday here we come and so will the victors of the Super Bowl in March.; sorry, but congratulations Drew Brees for still breaking Marino’s record and etching your name in history.


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